Forever alone should be my middle name


I'm Jeanine, but you can call me Gi, I'm a
29 years old lesbian from Brazil, totally geek XD. I love anime/mangá, TV shows, music and reading. Anything you want to know feel free to ask (^.-)



Welcome to the Carmilla Karnstein guide to flirting. Tips include but are not limited to; pet-naming your new room-mate from the offset, changing your shirt in front of said room-mate and company, opening up, being considerate, keeping an air of mystery about yourself, buying expensive champagne, admitting that you don’t want to share her, touching her and finally, just being honest. Basically just keep out-gaying yourself and if you’re a vampire be cautious to not be lured into a trap set up by dimwits . For more handy instructions order your guide now for a mere half-pint of your blood.

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Useless lesbian’s sleeping habit

Guess who watched all Carmilla’s episodes in one hour and half, tonight?
This show is so gay, never seen anything gayer.
Everyone’s so gay, you’re gay, she’s gay, that’s gay, the entire college is gay.
I love it. ♥
(and you all know the yellow pillow)


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You have to be more specific
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Carmilla again (first one), I’m inspired and in procrastination mode.
Lesbian joke, here. I almost died in that part. 
Useless sexual frustrated lesbian Carmilla and tiny naive gay Laura are probably my favorite.


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"Which person of your OTP furiously does push-ups while the other sits on their back and reads a magazine ?” (from this post)

Well, I have an OT3, does it still count ?

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you are
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kickin’ ass


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Woah im finally done. Anyway i guess this is my inktober for the whole month. Haha this was fun.

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